Dr. Z & Staff

Dr ZambranoDr. Zambrano has been a physician since 1985, and has been a pediatrician since 1992.

He did his training in Miami Children’s Hospital under the tutelage of Dr. Ramon Rodriguez-Torres and Dr. Charles Wharton. Dr. Zambrano did emergency pediatrics in various hospitals in the area up until 2000 when he purchased Dr. Esther B. Eisenstein’s practice; this is where the “E” from “E-Z PeDs” came from.  She practiced with Dr. Zambrano for 3 years and later retired.  He continues to do emergency pediatrics part-time at Homestead Hospital with Dr. Frank Medina.

He has had the privilege to serve the Pembroke Pines community for the last 16 years.

Despite the changes in the medical community, Dr. Zambrano  has kept his practice  as  a solo practitioner distinguishing him from larger practices for his personalized care.