• Minor wound care that may require simple stitches.
  • Nebulizer treatments.
  • Electrocardiograms.
  • Circumcisions under local anesthesia in infants <2 mo.(Plastibell Method)
  • Wart removal by “Freezing” or “Cauterization” when   appropriate.
  • Blood draws for a nominal fee.
  • Ear piercings in NB’s and adolescents.
  • Physicals and vaccines by appointment on weekdays 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Free prenatal consultations by appointment.
  • In-house X-rays are available for your convenience.
  • Extended hours available for physicals on Tuesdays & Thursdays.


The office will be open M-T-W-Th-Fr and Sat. Monday through Friday from 9-5. Saturdays from 9-12n. Wednesdays will continue to be the day for: Referrals, forms and letter pick-up, prescription refills, medical records and scheduled X-rays. Sundays are closed.
The office only accepts cash or check for payment.  All co-pays must be paid at time of service.

Referrals are generally available for pick up within 48-72 hours.  Please note that for security and patient confidentiality reasons, we are unable to fax or email referrals and must be picked up at our office.   Medication refills are done daily and are contingent on Dr.’s approval.

Below is a list of fees that are not covered by your insurance:


Blue and Yellow (Vaccine & Physical) $5.00
WIC $3.00
Replacement Vaccine Cards $3.00
School Forms  $5.00
Letters $20.00

**Please note there is a 24-48 hour wait period for most forms.

No Show Fee: $25.00
– If appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours
 Bounced Check Fee: $35.00
– Checks will no longer be accepted on an account following incident.

Medical records are available on Wednesdays after 1pm.  There is no charge for faxing Medical Records to another physician.  However, if you wish to obtain a copy the fees are as follows:

Paper copies:   $1.00/page up to 30 pages, 50 cents for any pages thereafter.

Flash drives:    $15.00 – Patient must provide NEW IN PACKAGE drive in order to transfer records.

Custom Flash drive:   $12.00 which includes the cost of the Medical Record transfer.

Payment for Medical Records is expected upon request.

Dr. Zambrano discourages the following:

1.   Missed appointments.  Appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hrs prior will be charged a missed appointment fee.

2.    Emergency calls after 9 pm. However, if you feel your child has an emergency, please take your child to the nearest ER or Urgent Care; otherwise make an appointment for the following morning. Please do not leave messages for the office with the service.  Your child deserves the best medical care; therefore, telephone consultations are discouraged and we ask that you call during business hours for an appointment.  Appointments are always available at E-Z PeDs.

3.    After hour refills. If your child is on a medication that is used routinely, please call during the day, when refills can be documented.

4.  Email consultations.  Any questions you have regarding your child’s health must be addressed personally.  Proper diagnosis and documentation is vital in your child’s medical care.

Proof read and approved by Dr. Z